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purchase and sale agreement washington state

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-1For Sale By Owner FSBO Docs Recitals A. Seller is the owner of the real property and improvements the Property located in the City of of Washington commonly known as County of State following legal description Insert Legal Description The parties hereby authorize the escrow agent to insert the proper legal description in this Agreement. THE INCLUSION AND ACCURACY OF THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION ARE NECESSARY ELEMENTS OF THIS AGREEMENT Property Parcel Identification Number number may be obtained...
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party, nobody's personal facts or circumstances are entirely predictable or predictable even in advance of a sale or purchase transaction. Accordingly, any user should carefully read the entire document before submitting his or her personal information because we cannot be responsible for any typographical errors or omissions in this document. This document is a sales solicitation, not an offer to sell or buy a property. We have relied on the availability of this document and the information contained therein in making the transaction, and have not conducted an independent examination of the buyer's real estate. If you have any questions regarding this document you or another user are not properly attesting to the accuracy of the information contained herein, please advise ChoiceA, Inc. in writing with all the pertinent facts, information and/or documents relevant to the transaction so that we may rectify the inaccuracies or errors. If we receive a substantial number of inquiries from users in connection with the residential sale transactions contemplated under this information, we reserve the right to update this information as necessary in order to assist buyers and sellers. If you have purchased or purchased from any purchaser or seller and have an unanswered question regarding your transaction, please contact ChoiceA, Inc. A list of our attorneys is available here. B&HB AIGO H.I.K.E.M. K&W K.T.C.A. LLC NOMAD SACI SEIU STUDENT LOAN SUPERCON STACKED THE EMAIL ADDRESS ENTERED INTO AFFICIENT THIS ELECTRONIC FORM AVAILABLE ONLINE © 2008 ChoiceA, Inc., All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies and are used without permission. ChoiceA, Inc. is a member of the American Association of Real Estate Agencies. ChoiceA, Inc., provides the information on this site and makes such information available to its members who are seeking services for their residential housing needs. In addition to offering these services in the United States, ChoiceA, Inc. also offers the services listed under the same category in approximately 30 other countries and territories around the world. As the provider of this information, ChoiceA, Inc. provides its service and information to users only or for its own use. Information can be requested by visiting http://choicea.com/choiceservices.<|endoftext|>We've been pretty open with our plans to move ahead with
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I don't have it with the real estate firm in the Tri-Cities in the state of Washington we're talking about the home buying process today so let's say that we've gone out, and we found your perfect home for you, you already have your lenders pre-approval letter so what's the next step in the process well the next step is that we have to prepare your earnest money agreement now when I first started the business many of the associates with whom I work indicated that used to be a very, very simple process of being one-page form well if I go to the file drawer today we have well over 100 forms in the state of washing and the real estate agents can use now our job to protect your interest is to find out exactly what you desire to do and make sure your rights are protected and select the appropriate forms now we have a basic residential purchase and sale agreement, and it's a five-page document in that five-page document we have antennae fiction of the buyer of the seller of the property of the closing day to is going to be doing the closing who are going to use for title insurance how we compute time and other issues in addition to that we have addendums that we attached to this particular file now the most common identify Nancy let's say that you need to get a loan it might be an FHA or conventional and willing to indicate what kind of loan it will be how much down payment you're going to do and typically have about 30 days to get you alone in place if that's going to be an issue then we'll want to make sure that we extend that the next one deals with title we want to make sure that there's a title contingency in there, so the title preliminary title is really free of encumbrance or will be free of encumbrances a time we close there are no surprises in that particular title report that you might object you the next item deals with home inspection we always recommend that you have a home inspected even if it's new now we find that over and over again that it may cost a little more to do that, but it's perfect insurance to have that home inspection typically you have 10 days in order to have the home inspected and that becomes a contingency a part of the sales so if you find something wrong with the home you can serve notice to the seller, and you can terminate the transaction if you so desire we typically will use an optional sales paragraph which will identify square footage issues whether we can use males etc, and we may have what's classified as other documents that would be appropriate to a specific situation could be dealing with Wells what have you well that's kind of an overview what's going to happen next, but I can assure you the Michelle and I are going to do our job to make sure that we protect your interest so as we move through this home buying process you're going to be well-informed it can feel very comfortable that you know what's going on once again thanks for watching in between
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